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Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington


The Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington (ADAGW) was established in 1981. Its members represent a broad spectrum of fine art, from old masters to contemporary art, in all media by artists known locally, nationally and internationally. ADAGW seeks to promote the highest standards of scholarship and ethical practice in working with the Greater Washington cultural community, collectors, artists, museum professionals and the public.

In order to qualify for membership in ADAGW dealers must meet specific, professional criteria. Among the requirements, each dealer or gallery must be thoroughly knowledgeable in his or her specific field and provide helpful and reliable information about the work they sell. ADAGW dealers are committed to providing a substantial contribution to their community and to the art world. Since its establishment, the ADAGW has sought to determine and maintain the highest professional standards and practices among its membership.


The selection of new members begins by application to or invitation from the Association's board of directors, after consultation with the entire membership. For membership consideration, a dealer must meet the following requirements:

  1. The gallery has been operational for a minimum of four years.
  2. The dealer maintains a good reputation for honesty and integrity in its relationship with artists, other dealers, and the public.
  3. The gallery provides an unconditional guarantee for the precise authenticity of all works offered for sale.
  4. In the opinion of the Association's membership, the gallery has established itself as a true "art dealer" rather than merely a retailer in pictures, and, as such, has been and continues to make a significant contribution to the cultural life of Washington, D.C., by the nature of works offered for sale, worthwhile exhibitions, and informative catalogs or other publications.


Kathleen Ewing | Kathleen Ewing Gallery

Vice President
Christopher Addison | Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Kathleen Ewing | Kathleen Ewing Gallery

Norman Parish | Parish Gallery

Board Members
Norman Parish | Parish Gallery
Jerry L. Eisley | Foxhall Gallery

Jane Haslem | Jane Haslem Gallery

Executive Director
Kathleen Ewing | Kathleen Ewing Gallery

Past Presidents
Catriona Fraser | Fraser Gallery
Norman Parish | Parish Gallery
Alla Rogers | Alla Rogers Gallery
Jane Haslem | Jane Haslem Gallery
Nancy Drysdale | Nancy Drysdale Gallery
Christopher Addison | Addison/Ripley Fine Art
Ted Cooper | Adams Davidson Gallery
Sidney Michelson | Michelson Gallery