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Kathleen Ewing lays out steps to follow when collecting

  1. Stop by as many galleries and museum exhibitions as possible. It’s a learning experience.

  2. Stop being intimidated. Enjoy the pleasure of looking at art and deciding what you like.

  3. Look at as many photographs as possible. Educate your eye. Try to decide what you like: traditional, conceptual, romantic, abstract, landscape, architecture, still life, or portrait.

  4. Look at books and magazines, read reviews, but remember critics can be prejudiced.

  5. Listen to what galleries and curators have to say. Ask questions. Ask for artist’s resumes and previous reviews. Ask about editions and photographic processes.

  6. Listen to your heart. Don’t be influenced by hype or fads. If an image grabs you, enjoy it. Buy it if possible.

  7. Buy! Make a commitment and buy a work of art. If nothing else, it’s a start at becoming a collector.

  8. Buy what you like, not what you think might be an investment. If you buy something you love you will never be disappointed.

  9. Buy and see where your next purchase takes you. Your collection can take many directions: a thematic or an eclectic collection. Do not decorate, just purchase what you love and it will find a place in your home and in your heart.

  10. Buy one photograph and I promise you will buy another. It can easily become a passion and an addiction.