Ellen Verdon Winkler. American, born 1950

Artist Statement

In my work, I am interested in looking at the everyday and finding the beauty that is contained there. I'm drawn to shadows and their structural role in defining a composition. I look for the surprises that can result when layers of medium are superimposed one upon the other, creating a dynamic depth within the work. And I always note the quality of the marks I'm making, and the contrasts that can be found between delicate quiet lines, and "loud" dark shapes.

An artist's task is twofold: that of seeing, but also that of needing to respond with the act of creating. Everyone sees beauty and responds or is moved by the experience. But the artist is called to respond with an action, one that attempts simultaneously to record and capture, but also to emulate, to find another beauty.




born 1950 Kalamazoo MI

1973 BA Kalamazoo College, MI
1981 MFA George Washington University, Washington DC



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