Red Grooms. American, born 1937

Grooms is a sculptor, painter and printmaker. He is best known for his large scale, intensely colored pieces of frenetic scenes of modern urban life.

No artist since Honoré Daumier has had a greater understanding of humor or a more direct connection to his audience. In return, Grooms has earned the public’s unqualified admiration and appreciation.

Artist Statement

Say pal have a seat. I haven't seen ya in quite a while. Hmmm lookin' pretty bleary eyed there fellow. Need a haircut? Lets see what we can do. Line up the nose between the ears. So we want teeth or just a nice closed kisser? Yikes! This guy's got the definition of a pudding. Oh well...a little highlight in the eye, shadow under the nose, get the collar to fit and ... Voila! Its me! RG






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