Lamar Briggs. Amerian, born 1935

Artist Statement

"My approach to art is to open myself visually to the world around me as much as possible-by reading, traveling, collecting and just plain "seeing". Music and color 'flow' for me. I paint to music and the music and rhythm speak to me more than any external experience."



born 1935 Lafayette, LA

1952 University of Southern Louisiana, Lafayette
1958 University of Houston, TX
1960 B.A. with honors, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver

permanent collections
Beaumont Art Museum, TX
Chicago Art Institute, IL
Denver Art Museum, CO
Library of Congress, Washington DC
Mint Museum of Art. Charlotte, NC
Moody Foundation, Galveston, TX
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Rice University, Houston, TX
Rutgers University Archives, Rutgers University, NJ
University of Texas, Austin



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