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Mary Early. American Artist, born 1975

Washington DC artist, Mary Early’s sculpture and installations are built with beeswax strips to form schematic floor plans and free standing pieces.

Mary Early
Mary Early
Untitled (wax points), 2014
dimensions variable
Mary Early
Untitled (April 25, 2015), 2015
graphite and colored pencil on paper
20 x 14"
Mary Early
Untitled (arch), 2004-06
wood, tarlatan, glue, putty, beeswax
38 x 26 x 38" diameter
Mary Early
Untitled (spokes), 2006-07
wood, tarlatan, glue, beeswax
6H x 53 " diameter
Mary Early
Untitled (wreath III), 2009
wood and beeswax, wood, glue, tarlatan, beeswax
36 x 150" diameter

Artist Statement

My work in the last few years has concentrated on a select few forms. I have chosen certain shapes that I use in repetition to create larger objects. For example, I have developed a hollow fluted shape constructed of wood, which I fabricate in multiples, stack, and glue to create a mass. This "mass" takes on variations; from a hoop shape resembling a skirt, to a dense circular ring resting on the floor, to an arch beginning at floor level and rising up to barely meet the wall. The sculptures can incorporate from a few dozen to over a thousand components, each component made up of its own multiple parts.




born 1975 Washington DC

1997 Bennington College, VT, BA
public collections
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC
District of Columbia Art Bank
US Department of State, Embassy of Panama


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