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Joan Danziger
Riders of the Blue Spirit, 2016
metal, armature and glass, 29 x 40 x 29"

Joan Danziger
Wild Encounter, 2016
metal, armature and glass, 27 x 30 x 16"

Joan Danziger’s recent series of sculptures of mythic horses was inspired by the blue horse paintings of Franz Marc. Riders of The Blue Spirit is a sculpture of metal, wire and glass. The free forming construction of the wire and metal combined with the color and luminosity of glass enhances the spirit of the two intertwined blue horses.

Franz Marc
The Large Blue Horses, 1911
oil on canvas, 105 x 191 cm

Franz Marc, part of a group of German artists active 1911-1914, was interested in freeing artistic expression from the constraints of tradition. The horse is a symbol for breakthrough and blue for spirituality in battling materialism. Marc created visionary images evoking his understanding of the pureness and innocence of the animal world.

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