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James McGarrell

It was not to disoblige myself from an almost fifty year identification as a fictive figurative painter, that around 2003 I began to wonder if I could override readily identifiable subject images while still achieving the credibility of structured illusionist place with a full presence of atmospheric light and space that most "abstract" painting willingly eschews. I wanted to do this moreover in counterpoint with that rollicking physicality of the pigmented stuff of paint and its marking tools, which is, on a primary level, where the painting in the paintings has always lived for me.

The works I have built out of that ambition have been conceptually sourced from music in two different streams. The oil on canvases, which "read" as interior places, are charged by both twentieth century American jazz- my time and place- and the keyboard and solo string inventions of J.S. Bach. Done contemporaneously with those are works on paper, which "read" as landscape places, while springing from the ragamalas of Indian classical music.

James McGarrell, 2011