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Now celebrating its 22nd year, artline®, is the first fine art site on the internet to focus on and provide comprehensive information and direct contact to the finest artists and art dealers with a section solely for Washington, DC area artists.
Kathryn Freeman on artline

Kathryn Freeman
Mending the Tigers, 2016
oil on linen, 4’ x 5’
Washington DC artist, Kathryn Freeman is a narrative painter who combines classical composition with magic realism. Freeman’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe and across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Boston, Washington, and Baltimore. Her paintings are in numerous private and public collections and she has completed several large-scale public mural commissions including two, three-story murals for a new public library in Jacksonville, Florida. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Arts Magazine, Art Forum, American Artist and numerous other publications.

Freeman's interpretation, The idea for this painting came from a mesmerizing short story by Aimee Bender called 'Tiger Mending.' In my mind the tigers were coming out of the mountains to get help from humans. Their stripes falling off as symbolic of the fragility of this great beast in the modern world. The young woman mending the tigers represents the mindfulness, inventiveness and skill it is going to take for us as the responsible party to "mend" the environment. While she is the creative and the talent who has the ability to do the mending, her sister, leading the tigers in, is the facilitator - the person with the brain and resourcefulness to make things happen.


Born in Kansas City, MO, at 18 years, a WW II marine in the Pacific, a life time patriot and defender of liberty and freedom, a father of four, a professor at the University of Illinois, an American artist who had the honor of being the first living artist whose work was acquired in 1969 by the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Billy Morrow Jackson’s (1926-2006) catalogue raisonnés are near completion. Both catalogues: Billy Morrow Jackson: Prints 1949 - 1991 and Billy Morrow Jackson paintings: 1949 - 2006 are internet only publications. Please review both publications (scroll from left to right).

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William Dunlap is new to artline and is an important contributor to the Washington DC area art world. He is both painter and sculptor, art critic and commentator, teacher, and writer. He refers to his work as "hypothetical realism." Jack Cowart, Deputy Director/Chief Curator, Corcoran Gallery of Art, describes Dunlap's narrative as tricky business. He continues, Yet the telling of universal stories through art can bind us together and bring new, enhanced areas of self-understanding. William Dunlap's assemblages of elements taken from his life, our lives, and the world around us reflect his sensuous and infectiously energetic view of life. He shares his feelings with us openly, dangerously and naively, perhaps…. Nomenclatures (art and language, form and content, image and icon) are Dunlap's specialties. His paintings, watercolors, assemblages, sculptural oddities and artifacts are refined by a broad art historical awareness and a time and effort to suffer about what we have lost, perhaps.

William Dunlap
Lowering Sky, 2015
mixed media, 42 x 48"

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