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artline® is a comprehensive fine arts documentary which includes full background history, images, essays, catalogues and videos on artists with links to their websites; information about dealers, both for profit and non profit organizations; a guide on building collections; essays on emerging artists with an emphasis on Washington DC area artists.

Jane Haslem, artline
Jane Haslem, CEO

Jane Haslem, long time fine art dealer launched in June 1995, the first site for commercial art dealers and their artists on the internet.


John A. Haslem, writer for artline
John A. Haslem, PhD

John Haslem, Jr, is an educator and writer located in Galesburg, IL. He is a life-long lover of art and enthusiastic supporter of those artists who live and work in and around Washington, DC. He has been writing for artline since 1995.

Barbara Coates, artline
Barbara Coates, Research

Barbara Coates has been with artline since 2008. She is responsible for research and data analysis to update the site.