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Elaine Wilson on Youtube
Elaine Wilson

artline | 180 seconds
watch the new video on Elaine Wilson
Sam Gilliam on artline
Sam Gilliam

Consider purchasing a Gilliam, read about one of Washington DC’s best known artists.
ADAGW on artline

ADAGW existed from 1981 to 2015. Click to read more about their members and activities.

click here to tell us if the organization should be reinstated
Leon Berkowitz on artline
Leon Berkowitz

An important Washington DC Color School artist who worked with Morris Louis.
Read about the artist and contact the Washington DC area dealer who has this painting.
Jo Weiss on artline
Jo Weiss

FIGURES; Kiley Ames, Janice Nowinski, Kyle Slaver, Jo Weiss - the new exhibition at the Katzen Art Center, American University. Catalogue available at the museum. See Weiss’ artline page and her new work.
Susan Calloway on artline
Susan Calloway Fine Arts

is celebrating its 25th year anniversary

Read about the gallery and artists represented
Ann Zahn on artline
Ann Zahn

Garden Journal IV, Waterfall IV, 1996
white-line woodcut on arches and cover paper
24 x 36"

Ann Zahn and the Sources of Self, read the new essay by John A Haslem, Jr.
Robin Rose on artline
Robin Rose
Descent, 2017
acrylic and raw pigment on linen on wood panels
triptych 24" by 18" x 3

Robin Rose and the Discourse of Painting, John A Haslem, Jr.'s new essay on this Washington DC area artist. See his work and read the essay.