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Robert Gwathmey (1903 – 1988)

Robert Gwathmey, Self Portrait, artline
Robert Gwathmey
Self Portrait, 1960
lithograph, ed. 50, 17 x 15 1/2"

All art is a reflection of the time in which it was executed. My concern is with human relationships and the betterment of the human condition. RG
Robert Gwathmey, picture, artline
Robert Gwathmey

About the artist

Gwathmey was a social realist painter known for his depictions of rural life in the American South. He taught at Cooper Union, NYC and briefly at Boston University. He received a Rosenwald Foundation scholarship to spend a summer working and living with sharecroppers on a tobacco farm. This experience left him with a greater understanding of harvesting of harvesting tobacco.
Here is an example of one of his images

Robert Gwathmey, Hoeing, artline
Robert Gwathmey
Hoeing, 1943