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M. Lee Stone, MD and Art Dealer Leon Gilmore, at M. Lee Stone, on artline
M. Lee Stone M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc.   Leon Gilmore (1907 - 1996)
Cement Finishers, 1939
wood engraving, ed. 100,
10 1/8 x 8 1/8"

I have been an art dealer since 1975 and yet I was leading a double life, a full time pediatrician as well as an active private art dealer. Being married to an artist and art being a large part of our lives I gravitated to a point where I felt that I needed more than just looking and acquiring art. I became enamored with the turn of the century art and so I pursued it vigorously but on a small scale. I originally began buying, trading and selling European art, posters, prints and drawings from the period known as Art Nouveau. I gradually became disenchanted with this material and began to turn my interests elsewhere. I wanted works of art that told me a story and had more dynamic impact.

Glen Coleman, at M. Lee Stone, on artline J. Jay McVicker, at M. Lee Stone, on artline
Glen Coleman 1887 - 1932
The Mirror, 1931
lithograph, ed. 50
15 x 12 1/8"
  J. Jay McVicker, 1911 - 2004
The Rockcrusher, 1941
15 3/4 x 23"

After a few years, I found that the American print makers of the early 20th century were much more interesting to me visually because they told a story about American history. I eventually sold off most of my early inventory when I became passionate about the Depression Era and especially the WPA works. It was about this time, the early 1980s, that I changed my entire focus to American Works of Art on Paper. I have continued to expand my horizons in this area into more 20th and 21st century works. I have assisted collectors and museums in adding fine works into their collections. I have also curated exhibits at museums and loaned numerous images for other exhibitions. Throughout this period I actively participated in print fairs around the country. I have only increased these endeavors since my retirement pediatric practice.

Elizabeth Catlett, at M. Lee Stone, on artline
Elizabeth Catlett (1915 - 2012)
Barbed Wire, 1954
linocut, ed. unknown
4 3/4 x 5 5/8"
Over the years I have developed numerous relationships with artists and artist’s estates. My inventory includes works by Irving Amen, Peggy Bacon, Lou Barlow, Cecil C. Bell, Julius Bloch, Bernard Brussel-Smith, Letterio Calapai, Minna Citron, Glen Coleman, Mabel Dwight, Fritz Eichenberg, Juan R. Fuentes, Gerald Geerlings, Hugo Gellert, Riva Helfond, Helen West Heller, Eli Jacobi, Marie Johnson, Jacob Kainen, Paul Landacre, Louis Lozowick, Emmy Lou Packard, Salvatore Pinto, Don Rico, Ben Shahn, Benton Spruance, Bonnie Stone, Charles Turzak, Herman Volz, Lynd Ward, Charles W. White and numerous others.

I represent the estates of important African American artists, Casper Banjo, Elizabeth Catlett, Ralph Chesse and Rose Piper.

Hildegarde Haas at M. Lee Stone, on artline Charles Turzak at M. Lee Stone, on artline
Hildegarde Haas (1926 - 2002)
Pillars of the Canyon, 1951
woodcut, edition 12
13 x 20"
  Charles Turzak (1899 - 1985)
The Tank Worker, 1935
woodcut, few impressions
10 1/2 x 8"