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Jane Haslem: art dealer and entrepreneur for 54 years

Jane Haslem, art dealer and entrepreneur for over 54 yearsJane Haslem opened the first commercial art gallery in North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 1960. In 1964 she sold that gallery and moved with her family to Madison, WI and opened another gallery. She continued to operate in Madison and moved to Washington in 1969 and operated both galleries until 1973.

The DC gallery had three locations until it found its present home in Dupont Circle, just across from the Phillips Collection. The Dupont Circle gallery was built in 1886 and housed the Holton Arms School until after the turn of the last century.

American print innovators are the specialty of Haslem Gallery. These are artists who immigrated to the United States at the time of WWII and changed prints from images that normally were stored in file drawers to works that compete with paintings for wall space. Artists in this group include Josef Albers, Werner Drewes, Antonio Frasconi, Mauricio Lasansky, Boris Margo, Gabor Peterdi, Karl Schrag and Julian Stanczak along with others who followed their lead; Leonard Baskin, Will Barnet, Misch Kohn, Michael Mazur, Peter Milton, Dean Meeker, Warrington Colescott, Rudy Pozzatti, Clare Romano, Carol Summers, and Richard Ziemann. Beyond these artists Haslem has shown prints and drawings by Peggy Bacon, Edward Hopper, Martin Lewis, Louise Lozowick, John Sloan and Mark Tobey. Other artists include Nancy McIntyre, Carlton Fletcher, Elizabeth Peak, Tom Edwards, George Harkins, James McGarrell, David Hollowell and Lincoln Perry.

Jane Haslem Gallery, Interior and Exterior

The gallery has had many firsts including exhibitions of original works by major children’s book illustrators, Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury drawings, and cartoons and comic strips by Charles Schultz, Pat Oliphant, Jeff MacNelly, Berke Breathed, Jules Feiffer, Dale Messick, and Walt Kelly.

Haslem launched in June 1995, the first site for commercial art dealers on the internet. followed the next year. artlinePlus focuses on art in the greater Washington Metropolitan area.

Jane Haslem is a founder and member of the Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington DC, an early member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association, CINOA, on the advisory board of the Washington Print Club and past member of ArtTable and the New York Print Club.