John Wilde (1919 – 2006)
John Wilde, Self Portrait, artline
John Wilde
Wilderview, 1988
lithograph, ed II:1-LXXXV, 23 1/2 x 35 4/4"

Wildeworld is an allegory of the artist as ‘Everyman’, a Medieval symbol of mankind. Wilde appears as a player at center stage, regarding the two worlds of fantasy and reality which have become his world.
John Wilde, picture, artline
John Wilde

about the artist

John Wilde wrote: "All art (comes) from sex and the awareness of death."

He worked with an exacting touch, narratives involving grotesque, doll-like people in otherworldly situations. He was inspired partly by Salvador Dalí and partly by Northern Renaissance masters like Bosch and Grunewald.

We are left wondering upon the precise meaning of each work, perhaps we should remember that Wilde appreciated pure observation, simple joys, and the full scope of human life-- the good and the bad.
Here is an example of one of his images

John Wilde, Portrait of D, artline
John Wilde
Portrait of D, 1988
oil on wood

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