Beth Van Hoesen (1926 – 2010)
Beth Van Hoesen, Self Portrait, artline
Beth Van Hoesen
Profile, 1960
etching, 1 plate double run, ed. 25, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2"

Although I have done many self portraits over the years, these are usually done as experiments with a new medium or because I lack another model. Since they are not done as reflections of myself, I usually give them another name such as ‘Cap’ or 'Blouse.’ It is a problem for me to see myself with the detached intensity I see in other models. BVH
Beth Van Hoesen, picture, artline
Beth Van Hoesen

about the artist

Van Hoesen earned recognition as a major figure in twentieth century printmaker by having mastered drawing and printmaking. Demonstrating a prolific and a keen eye for detail, Van Hoesen’s renderings of animals, portraits, landscapes, and flowers appear simplistic yet capture the subject’s inherent, unique qualities. Working from live models, the artist’s application of fine-tuned lines and careful tonal progressions developed through a precise process. Van Hoesen began with multiple preparatory drawings using graphite on paper, colored pencils, and watercolor before committing final decisions into etchings for her final prints. Though she followed a rich tradition of still-life and portraiture, a contemporary style and decorative elements within her compositions are interpretive, and divulge a psychological connection with the viewer. Her forms are raw yet refined, and border more on a naturalist perspective, capturing the integrity and unpretentiousness of the subject. Monterey Museum of Art
Here is an example of one of her images

Beth Van Hoesen, Sally, artline
Beth Van Hoesen
Sally, 1979-81
aquatint, drypoint, with roulette printed printed á la poupée

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