Benton Murdoch Spruance (1904 – 1967)
Benton Murdoch Spruance, Self Portrait, artline
Benton Murdoch Spruance
Self Portrait at Stone, 1942
lithograph, ed. 35, 11 1/4 x 14 1/4"

There is, however, more to a fine lithograph than printing technique: there is also the ‘writing on the stone’ – the ‘how’ in addition to the ‘what’ was said. The message never gave Ben much trouble. With his temperament and wide interests the idea always came first and he had plenty of them. It was in the area of what the conception was to become that the struggle lay. As T.S. Eliot said” ‘Between the conception and the creation – between the motion and the response – falls the shadow.’ To eliminate the shadow was his greatest task in self-education. He was aware of the problem and was determined to solve it as far as he was able…With this self-knowledge and experience he has been able to achieve this ultimate fusion. Carl Zigrosser, 1967
Benton Spruance, picture, artline
Benton Murdoch Spruance

about the artist

Spruance was born in Philadelphia and lived and worked there all his life. He was a fine teacher and known for his bold black and white and colorful lithographs.
Here is an example of one of his images

Benton Spruance, Forward Pass, artline
Benton Murdoch Spruance
Forward Pass, 1944
five color lithograph, ed. 40, 20 x 12 1/2"

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