Clayton Pond, born in 1941

Clayton Pond, Self Portrait, artline
Clayton Pond
Self Portrait on Colored TV, 1981
silk screen, ed. 300, 40 x 30"

'Self Portrait on Colored TV' is part of a suite of seven images that satirize American television. This piece is subtitled 'A Star is Born,' and sub- subtitled 'Turning Myself On.' I probably have a latent desire to be a television personality, but I really feel more comfortable in the privacy of my own studio.

I feel a great kinship as a visual artist with the medium of visual communication. I have often felt that it is a shame the television medium is not more readily accessible to artists as a format for them to show and discuss their art and ideas. So, frustrated, I put myself on my own TV.
Clayton Pond, picture, artline
Clayton Pond

about the artist

Clayton Pond was among the first artists to employ silkscreen printing in a fresh, distinctly personal way. His paintings and limited edition silkscreen prints are immediately recognizable for their bright, cheerful colors and their compositional balance. Over the span of his career, his work has revealed a fascination with vibrant color interactions, and the infinite possibilities that color relationships present. Deviating from the expected and rejecting the conventional, his particular use of color offers the viewer a charming, idiosyncratic interpretation of the world.

Pond’s subject matter ranges from immediate, domestic, and every-day surroundings to the outlandish, surreal, and fantastical, including his imagined perspective of outer space. His interpretations of the human condition evoke his unique sense of humor. Taken from his website
Here is an example of one of his images

Clayton Pond, My Modern Toaster Heater Oven, artline
Clayton Pond
My Modern Toaster Heater Oven, 1973
silk screen in 9 colors, 29 x 23"

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