Peter Milton, born in 1930

Peter Milton, Self Portrait, artline
Peter Milton
Interiors VI: Soundings, 1989
resist-ground etching & engraving, ed. 175, 30 x 24"

SOUNDINGS contains a version of an older me to accompany WATER MUSIC which is a version of a younger me. They were both done at an age half way between the two. Now that I am a mid-decade octogenarian, they both look pretty young to me at this point. These were never intended as generic self portraits, but more as ensemble pieces, each "me" being as just one single figure in a whole group of figures. The real self portrait in both cases is the whole composition itself as a complex narrative of my internal cerebral and emotional make up, thus containing subtext meanings far too numerous to describe. PM
Peter Milton, picture, artline
Peter Milton

about the artist

Peter studied with Josef Albers and Gabor Peterdi at Yale. He first wanted to be a painter but then printmaking adopted him. Further, his work is all in black and white. Peter is colorblind although he didn’t realize it at first. Peterdi said that Peter was his only student that had become an icon in the art world using only black and white.

When one studies his work one sees that the artist, Peter Milton, is a genius He uses metaphors to build narrative fantasies. His complete catalogue raisonné may be found on He has written about most of his images.
Here is an example of one of his images

Peter Milton, Points of Departure, Mary's Turn, artline
Peter Milton
Points of Departure I: Mary’s Turn, 1994 (116)
etching and engraving, ed. 75, 18 x 24"

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