Dean Meeker (1920 – 2002)

Dean Meeker, Self Portrait, artline
Dean Meeker
Portrait, 1972
color intaglio, ed. 60, 24 x 17 1/4"

This print is some twenty years old. One views one's self differently as the years go on - I think I don't take myself as seriously now as I did then - I don't have to. (01.01.95) DM
Dean Meeker, picture, artline
Dean Meeker

about the artist

Meeker studied sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago. Later he received a Guggenheim Fellowship which he used to study intaglio printmaking. He became known for his innovations in printmaking when he combined silk screen printing with intaglio. He used asphaltum in his intaglio which created a sculptural print.
Here is an example of one of his images

Dean Meeker, Joseph's Coat, artline
Dean Meeker
Joseph’s Coat, c. 1970
intaglio relief, ed. 60, 20 x 34"

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