Tomás Lasansky, born in 1957

Tomas Lasansky, self portrait, artline
Tomás Lasansky
Portrait at Twenty-one, 1979
color intaglio, ed. 75, 24 x 19"
Tomas Lasansky, picture, artline
Tomás Lasansky

about the artist

Tomás Lasansky, youngest son of Mauricio Lasansky, has never known anything but being an artist. As a young boy he drew pictures of African images from his father’s collection. Later he became interested in printmaking and began to work helping out in his father’s print shop. His work gained major attention when he began creating major oversized portraits of people with historical importance.
Here is an example of one of his images

Tomas Lasansky, Albert Einstein, artline
Tomás Lasansky
Albert Einstein, 2013
acrylic on linen, 80 x 60"

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