Wayne Kimball, born in 1943

Wayne Kimball, Self Portrait, artline
Wayne Kimball
Portrayal of its Maker, 1980
lithograph, ed.100, 15 x 11 1/8"

My perceptions of certain past movements in art (most notably Northern Renaissance and Islamic Painting) coupled with idiosyncrasy (meaning that I often have difficulty accounting for my attraction to some forms ... and not to others) and compulsions about visual and technical order lead me to making some rather odd pictures. I organize visual elements in traditional ways emphasizing formal aspects of structure and presentation, except that for the sake of irritation, I often miss align or at least compromise divergent perspective systems of the objects depicted. The range of and orientation to subjects within individual pictures sometimes produce unexpected associations, and the compilation, arrangement and execution (and material quality) combine to hint at symbolic interpretations. WK
Wayne Kimball, picture, artline
Wayne Kimball

about the artist

Asked to describe his art, Kimball says: "It’s a little bit surreal. It’s also Dadaism, which was a group of artists who took anything from anywhere and put things together in an odd association of objects. Something from one source and something from another source; they collide."

Kimball attended the Tamarind Institute and was the 20th student to graduate. He was awarded a grant to serve as an artist in residence in Roswell, New Mexico. He later taught at the University of Wisconsin. He moved on to teach at Brigham Young Univesity.
Here is an example of one of his images

Wayne Kimball, Normal Wooded Interior, artline
Wayne Kimball
Normal Wooded Interior, 1986
eleven-color lithograph, ed. 50, 11 x 14"

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