Jacques Hnizdovsky (1915 – 1986)

Jacques Hnizdovsky, self portrait, artline
Jacques Hnizdovsky
Self Portrait, 1971
etching, ed. 120 w/ 35 aps, 6 3/4 x 6 3/4"

I realize that I actually only rarely did what at the moment I liked or wanted to do. The overwhelming majority of my occupation, art not excluded, has been determined by the circumstances, often even by a pure chance.

Life suggests ideas for images. With just a little observation one realizes what can be done. Today when everyone tries, at any price, to be original the lack of originality is perhaps the most original contribution to contemporary art.
Jacques Hnizdovsky, picture, artline
Jacques Hnizdovsky

about the artist

Hnizdovsky was trained in the old school but when he came to The USA he didn’t have money to pay models so he selected subjects that were all around him and free. His oeuvre is resplendent with animals, flowers and nature.
Here is an example of one of his images

Jacques Hnizdovsky, Flock of Lambs, artline
Jacques Hnizdovsky
Flock of Lambs, 1975
linocut, ed. 150, 18 x 20"

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