Nona Hershey, born in 1946
Nona Hershey, Self Portrait, artline
Nona Hershey
Portrait, 1975
etching, ed. 15, 9 7/8 x 8 1/2"

...just two days before your email, out of the blue I remembered that self portrait and I was telling my students about how it was a HUGE life lesson for me. I had been delighted to be asked by you to participate in a self portrait show, and of course I made the print. I sent you a few copies which were numbered BUT I hadn't actually finished printing the edition!!! Simultaneously, my work started to veer in a different direction which was trying to portray interior spaces as if seen by the person inhabiting them which meant odd peripheral vision, a kind of double exposure (i.e. memory), and blurred areas versus focused areas etc. Long story short, I ended up changing my self portrait plate. Then much to my horror, you wrote and asked for additional copies as you had sold what I had sent. Stupidly instead of just saying, sorry I don't have any more copies, I tried to remake the plate in its original state. I came very close, but it was not the same and it certainly made me appreciate the minuscule nuances which can make something appear quite different-especially something as intimate as a self portrait. From that time on, I was more attentive about editioning. NH
Nona Hershey, picture, artline
Nona Hershey

about the artist

Nona Hershey explores the invisible electronic pollution that surrounds us all. She says, I want to evoke our sense of wonder at the vastness of the sky. The weather mapping represents our long-standing attempt to measure and control forces larger than ourselves. These diagrammatic lines reiterate the static artificiality of the picture plane while enhancing the illusion of ever shifting clouds behind the pictorial frame. The highly charged surface markings in the most recent work represent what I imagine as the invisible electronic pollution that surrounds us: paroxysms of technological clutter and noise we emit into our environment.
Here is an example of one of her images

Nona Hershey, Imbedded I & II, artline
Nona Hershey
Imbedded I & II, 2016
diptych, watercolor, graphite power and gouache, 50 x 45"

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