Anthony Gorny, born in 1950
Anthony Gorney, Self Portrait, artline
Anthony Gorney
Paperface (broken halos), 1982
lithograph, chine collé on hand-made paper, ed. 30
16 1/2 x 22 1/4"

Who? What? When? Where? Why?
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List what you want to change.
Outline a plan.
Reward yourself for successful behavior.
Tell others about your commitment.
Inform yourself.
Monitor your behavior.
Avoid putting yourself in the path of failure.
Adopt alternative behaviors.
A lapse does not signify failure.
Don’t forget!
about the artist

Gorny is a meticulous artist and writer. He carries a sketchbook of handmade paper and records his thoughts and observations. His works are cerebral often combining medieval and contemporary ideas.
Here is an example of one of his images

Anthony Gorney, Untitled, artline
Anthony Gorny
Untitled, c. 1974
etching & aquatint

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