Werner Drewes (1899 – 1985)

Werner Drewes, Self Portrait, artline
Werner Drewes
Self Portrait, 1971
woodcut, edition 40, 18 3/4 x 11 3/8"

Drewes thought of himself as a constructionist…Rather than approaching abstraction in other ways I always felt the urge to discipline myself and compose both my paintings and my prints in terms of construction. Each one has to go his own path and this has been mine. WD
Werner Drewes, picture, artline
Werner Drewes

about the artist

Drewes was considered one of the founding fathers of American abstraction though he thought of himself as a constructionist. In his life time he created and printed over 400 prints. His preferred medium was woodcut. He also has painted over 1500 canvases. Drewes believed that organization and scientific research was the way forward for civilization.
Here is an example of one of his images

Werner Drewes, Opal, artline
Werner Drewes
Opal, 1984
collage, 8 x 11 1/4"

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