Jim Dine, born in 1936
Jim Dine, Self Portrait, artline
Jim Dine
Self Portrait in a Flat Cap (Baboon) third state, 1974
etching, ed. 35
10 x 12 1/4"

For me at this point in time, the depiction of the human face is at the top of the hierarchy of subject matter – because it is the depiction of ourselves...Human activity is charge with subject matter, charged with connotations, with so much more than just a wrench and a nutcracker, no matter what the setting. JD
Jim Dine, picture, artline
Jim Dine

about the artist

American painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, performance artist, stage designer and poet, Jim Dine gained attention in 1959-60 with his "happenings" in New York. Later he repeated themes of tools, hearts, and bathrobes became his signature brand. His common image lost it place in the public domain and became exclusively stamped "Dine."
Here is an example of one of his images

Jim Dine, A Beautiful Heart, artline
Jim Dine
A Beautiful Heart, 1995
color etching & aquatint, ed. 60, 30 3/4 x 26"

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