Larry Day (1921 – 1999)
Larry Day, Self Portrait, artline
Larry Day
Salome et al., 1990
lithograph, ed. 60, 19 3/16 x 25"

When I think about myself I think about what I do and when I think about what I do I think about myself and how I relate to the world as I see it and as I imagine it. LD
Larry Day, picture, artline
Larry Day

About the artist

Larry Day was one of the pioneers in the postmodern genre in his blending of classical and new realism and new realism painting. He investigated subjects derived from the world around him, as well as themes in literature and history to produce paintings and drawings that speak of the ever-widening scoope of American Life. Amy G. Moorefield
Here is an example of one of his images

larry Day, Zone, artline
Larry Day
oil on canvas

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