Rosemary Covey, born in 1954

Rosemary Covey, Self Portrait, artline
Rosemary Covey
Vanity, 1988
wood engraving, ed. 80, 9 x 7 1/6"

The origin of the ‘Dance of Death’ totentanz, can be found in the psychology of the middle ages, which constantly stressed the thought of death and the vanity of earthly things. Many artists, including Holbein worked on this theme Materialism veiling anxiety is very real to me. My portrait is a connection of these earlier artists, who conveyed in a similar medium, emotions so close to my own. RC
Rosemary Covey, picture, artline
Rosemary Covey

about the artist

Covey’s work is a strange message about the nature of pleasure and pain often connecting.
Here is an example of one of her images

Rosemary Covey, Porcupine Girl, artline
Rosemary Covey
Porcupine Girl (Standing), 1999
wood engraving, ed. 60, 14 x 10"

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