William Beckman, born in 1942

William Beckman, Self Portrait, on artline
William Beckman
Self Portrait, Three Quarters View, 1989
lithograph, ed. 10, 47 x 37"
William Beckman, picture, artline
William Beckman

about the artist

William Beckman has used conventional media in unconventional ways. His unvarnished oil paintings on panel have a depth of image and surface quality uniquely his; it is achieved by a paintstaking process of layering oil paint on the panel and polishing each layer by hand before applying another. His oversize drawings, in charcoal on paper, make use of the charcoal dust and the grain of the paper in the creation of the powerful image. Forumgallery.com
Here is an example of one of his images

William Beckman, Portrait of Diana II, artline
William Beckman
Portrait of Diana II (Pink Dress), 1972
oil on panel, 83 1/4 x 47 1/4"

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