Leonard Baskin (1922 – 2000)

Leonard Baskin, Self-Portrait, artline
Leonard Baskin
Self Portrait at 51, 1973
color woodcut, ed. 100, 32 x 23 1/2"

Baskin said about his portrait

Few artists have that precious gift of self-analysis, and few posses the psychological and historical truths to clearly perceive the formative vectors, the crucial stokes that are hidden at the heart of their artistic struggles.LB
Leonard Baskin, picture, artline
Leonard Baskin
Here is an example of one of his images

Leonard Baskin, Man of Peace, artline
Leonard Baskin
Man of Peace, 1952
woodcut, 60 x 37 5/8"

The Man of Peace was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1953. This woodcut has since become an American icon because of its great size which was shocking at the time. More recently it was included in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Musemn of Art in NYC featuring Picasso and those influenced by him.

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