Peggy Bacon (1895 – 1987)

Peggy Bacon, Self-Portrait, artline
Peggy Bacon
Lady Artist, 1925
drypoint, less than 35, 6 x 4"

In its way, Peggy Bacon's art is an act of faith. So strong is her belief in the peopleness of people - -even in feline form - - that she persuades us to stop worrying for a moment about the ultimate fate of nations and mankind, to recognize and appreciate the irrepressible and eccentric vitality that keeps our domestic world alive.Joshua C. Taylor
Peggy Bacon, picture, artline
Peggy Bacon
Here is an example of one of her images

Peggy Bacon, The Lunch Room, artline
Peggy Bacon
The Lunch Room (alternate title: Lunch at the League), 1918
drypoint, 5 7/8 x 7 15/16"

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