Milton Avery (1894 – 1965)
Milton Avery, Self-Portrait, artline
Milton Avery
Self Portrait, 1937
drypoint, ed. 60, 7 7/8 x 6 3/8"

This is Avery's only printed self-portrait. At unexpected intervals Milton would choose a plate and etch a nude or a head. Or take a particular oil and translate it into a print. Sometimes the lapses were two months, sometimes two years. Steadily a body of drypoints emerged and were put aside. It wasn't until the early sixties that editions were printed. Sally M. Avery
Milton Avery, portrait, artline
Milton Avery

about the artist

Milton Avery was one of the most distinguished American modern painters of the 20th century. Primarily a colorist, Avery’s work mainly focused on color relations and was not concerned with creating the illusion of depth similar to those of conventional Western paintings. Avery was often thought of as an American Matisse, especially due to his colorful and innovative landscape paintings. His poetic, bold and creative use of drawing and color set him apart from more conventional painting of his era.
Here is an example of one of his images

Milton Avery, Artist's Wife, artline
Milton Avery
Artist's Wife, 1930
oil on canvas

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