Sigmund Abeles, born in 1934
Sigmund Abeles, Self Portrait, artline
Sigmund Abeles
Measuring Up, 1975
lithograph, ed. 50
18 1/4 x 13 3/4"

Abeles statement about his portrait

Empathy and intensity have become the qualities I respond to most in art, all the other formal means simply get one there with ones own 'handwriting'. Great artists who are maddeningly intense and who capture souls of others have often also turned on themselves or toward themselves and made memorable self-images, ie. Rembrandt, Kollwitz, Van Gogh, Hodler, Schiele, Gillespie and L. Freud. So ... why not me, too, turning my eyes onto my eyes? SA
Sigmund Abeles, picture, artline
Sigmund Abeles

about the artist

Sigmund Abeles was born 1934 in New York City and raised in South Carolina. His work deals with the expressive and psychological aspects of the figure; an art focused on the life cycle.

Will South, curator, Columbia Museum of Art: "The figure has been the thread throughout his career, how the figure can express something about who we are and how we live."
Here is an example of one of his images

Conundrum, by Sigmond Abeles, artline
Sigmund Abeles
Conundrum, 1987
lithograph, ed. 50
34 x 24"

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