artline ® was established as a comprehensive and educational index of the finest dealers and artists.

To assure quality art and knowledgeable dealers, known for integrity, expertise, and holdings of the world's finest works from old masters to emerging artists, artline ® was formed from the combined membership of seven important art dealers associations: Art Dealers Association of America, Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington, Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Chicago Art Dealers Association, Fine Arts Dealers Association, International Fine Print Dealers Association, and the Society of London Art Dealers. A list of all dealers is included on the site. sorted geographically. Individual dealers, their backgrounds and gallery histories are featured on a regular basis.

Artists represented by these dealers have their own pages on artline ®. Artist's pages include images of the artists' work with direct links to their pages on their dealers' sites. The artline ®. artists' pages incorporate: a picture of the artist, statement, essay/monograph, biography, CV, reviews, bibliography, videos and a link to the artists' website or foundation.

artline ® has a section with tips on collecting, which includes essays on collecting from artists, art dealers/art galleries, auctions, a brief history of collecting, a look at what other's have collected. plus articles on "what's in?"

Viewers are encouraged to read for more news and events in the art world. Also let us hear from you, your feedback is necessary and will help us be more successful.

Jane Haslem, artline
Jane Haslem, CEO

Jane Haslem, long time fine art dealer launched artline.com in June 1995, the first site for commercial art dealers and their artists on the internet.

artlinePlus followed the next year and focuses on art in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area.

John A. Haslem, writer for artline
John A. Haslem, PhD

John has been a writer for artline since 1995.

Barbara Coates, artline
Barbara Coates, Research

Barbara Coates with artline since 2008, performs research work online gathering and analyzing data to update the website content.

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