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launched 1995

artline ® is the first site on the internet to focus on and provide extensive information and direct contact to the finest art dealers and their artists (1400's to present), hold online "mini" art fairs and furnish a vetted venue for resale works.

Washington area artists are coming together. While it is well known that Washington DC has more great art museums than most cities in the world, the city and greater Metropolitan area also has hundreds and hundreds of professional, many important, artists. And one mission of artlineĀ® is to identify these people, all together under one roof. The project is underway. Click on "artists" in the navigation bar above, scroll through the names (Washington area artists' names are highlighted in orange), click on those names to see their individual page which includes a picture of the artist, their statement, their art, biography, CV, reviews, and videos. Essays/monographs and bibliographies are included if available with a link to their dealer or site. So far about a dozen and a half pages are up.