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artline ® is the first site on the internet to focus on and provide extensive information and direct contact to the finest art dealers and their artists (1400's to present), hold online "mini" art fairs and furnish a vetted venue for resale works.

Important dates to remember are April 16 - 19, 2015. The 35th annual AIPAD PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW at the Armory in New York. Eighty of the world's finest photography dealers will be exhibiting their very best inventory.

artline ® has now put communiqué up live. Here one can read articles on collecting and stories about artists. Read Kathleen Ewing's list of things to do when you collect photography.

* Sometimes the quietest and most soft spoken people change our lives in ways that enrich us and our society as a whole. Thus is the story of the Washington artist, Jacob Kainen. We have included a very long interview with Kainen and Evis Berman of the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution from1982. When one reads this, one understands why Kainen was the major force that turned around the Washington DC area's slow-paced contemporary art scene.

* Seattle's Sam Davidson began collecting original prints when he was an undergraduate and he has never stopped. As a matter of fact his love of prints continued to grow into what is now one of the largest inventories of fine art anywhere. Davidson is a scholar and gentleman with a whimsical sense of humor. Read more about Sam and Davidson Galleries.

New Washington area artists have been added to the artline ® umbrella including: Elaine Wilson, Joseph White, Robin Rose, Mimi Herbert, Frederic Kellogg, Mary Early, Joan Belmar, Kim Abraham and as mentioned above, Jacob Kainen.